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How Obedience to God Helps Us Grow in Our Relationship with Him

In 1 John 2:3-11, the apostle John emphasizes the importance of obedience for believers. He begins by saying, "We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands." John is pointing out that obedience is a crucial aspect of our faith and a marker of our relationship with God.
John goes on to say, "Whoever says, 'I know him,' but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person." This is a strong statement, but it reflects what Jesus himself said, "If you love me, you will keep my commandments" (John 14:15).
So, why is obedience so important for Christians? Firstly, obedience shows that we love God. When we obey his commands, we demonstrate our respect for him and our willingness to submit to his authority. Secondly, obedience shows that we are grateful for what God has done for us. By obeying his commands, we show our appreciation for his love and grace. Thirdly, obedience helps us grow in our relationship with God. By obeying his commands, we spend time with him and learn more about him. This deepens our love for him and helps us become more like him.
Admittedly, obedience is not always easy. We may be tempted to disobey God's commands, but we need to remember that God is always faithful to forgive us when we repent and turn back to him. Therefore, if we find ourselves struggling with obedience, we should not give up. Instead, we should confess our sin to God and ask for his help.
In conclusion, obedience is an essential part of the Christian life. It shows our love for God, our gratitude for his grace, and our desire to grow in our relationship with him. While obedience is not always easy, it is always worth it. When we obey God's commands, we not only please him, but we also bless ourselves.
Here are some additional thoughts on the importance of obedience:
  • Obedience is a sign of maturity in the Christian life. As we grow in our faith, we naturally become more obedient to God's commands.
  • Obedience is a protection from sin. When we obey God's commands, we are less likely to fall into sin.
  • Obedience is a source of joy. When we obey God, we experience his joy and peace.
  • Obedience is a testimony to the world. When we obey God, we show the world the love and power of Jesus Christ.

If you are struggling with obedience, I encourage you to pray to God for help. He is faithful to forgive us and to help us grow in our obedience. Below are some additional suggestions if you are struggling with obedience.

  • Seek God's help through prayer and meditation on His word: When we struggle with obedience, we should seek God's help through prayer and meditating on His word. We should ask Him to help us overcome our sinful desires and to give us the strength to follow His commands.
  • Find an accountability partner: Having an accountability partner can help us to stay on track with our obedience. This person can check in on us regularly, ask us about our progress, and encourage us when we are struggling.
  • Memorize scripture: Memorizing scripture can help us to keep God's commands at the forefront of our minds. When we are faced with a temptation or struggle, we can recall scripture that will help us to make the right decision.
  • Join a Bible study group: Joining a Bible study group can help us to learn more about God's commands and how to apply them to our lives. It also provides us with a supportive community of believers who can encourage us in our obedience.
  • Confess and repent: When we fail to obey God's commands, we should confess our sin and repent. Confession is the first step toward receiving forgiveness and healing from God.
  • Trust in God's grace: We should remember that obedience is not about earning God's love or forgiveness. Rather, it is a response to His grace and love for us. We should trust in His grace and love as we strive to obey Him.
  • Take action: Sometimes, we need to take practical steps to remove ourselves from situations that can lead us into temptation. This might mean deleting certain apps from our phone or avoiding certain people or places.

Remember, obedience is a journey that requires intentional effort and trust in God's guidance. By seeking God's help, finding accountability, memorizing scripture, joining a Bible study group, confessing and repenting, trusting in God's grace, and taking practical action, we can grow in our obedience and draw closer to Him.
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